Let Granny NEL help with your sustainability and waste stream profitability

About Us

Process Management


  • Process Determination 
  • Waste Revenue Valuations
  • Cost Studies on Program and Sustainability Goals
  • Equipment Analysis
  • RFQ Management  

Market Penetration


  • We Know Metal and Who Wants It
  • Local, Regional and National Markets 
  • Freight, Freight, Freight
  • Our Flat Fee is as Transparent as it Gets 
  • No Long Term Contracts, But Why Would You Want to Leave? 

It’s As Easy As 1.... 2...... Oh Wait, That’s It


  • You call us to schedule the load, or it is determined by a set established schedule 
  • We take care of the rest and you wait for your audited payment

The Team


We are looking to put your face here.   If you are looking for a project management role with a strong emphasis in accounting, please email me. 

Michael Martin, Owner

Michael has spent 25 years providing solutions for manufacturers.  He helped them improve their scrap programs, while increasing the scrap company's profits.   Michael started NEL Environemental with his Grandma's mantra.

Granny NEL Philosophy


Golden Rule Stuff