Have you had your PIE this month?

Have you had your PIE this month?

 Manufacturers – it is crucial that you go back to revisit your scrap metal contracts on a regular basis. Your scrap provider must provide a seamless solution that is fully integrated with your existing operations.Recently, NEL Environmental was happy to help a world class manufacturing company.  This company had partnered with a very good scrap dealer. The scrap dealer they had partnered with provided honest prices and excellent service.  The plant loved the service and the equipment provided by the scrap dealer.  The scrap dealer was even cutting up the scrap coming off their laser beds so it would fit in that equipment!   

NEL Environmental was contacted by the company to provide their proprietary survey, P.I.E.S (Performance Investigation Environmental Survey). As a result of the survey, NEL Environmental recommended an equipment makeover.  They suggested that the manufacturer needed to be using dump hoppers and roll off equipment, in addition to correcting the way the secondary streams, such as wood and cardboard, were collected. This resulted in a much safer, much more efficient process, limiting the touching of scrap three additional times after the point of productions.   

The process that was provided by the scrap dealer with whom they had partnered was costing the company over 8 hours a day in scrap preparation and handling. The change was never suggested to the manufacturer because the scrap dealer couldn’t support the equipment that was needed to upgrade the program.  NEL Environmental’s expertise, along with some other opportunities in items such as cardboard and wood, allowed the manufacturer to make more money, improve safety and efficiencies, even after NEL received their small representation commission.

Don’t fall into the same trap into which this manufacturer found themselves! Contact NEL Environmental today to schedule your P.I.E.S. survey. Check out the information on a P.I.E.S. survey on our website https://nelenviro.com/services

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