How do you turn Skeptical Buyers into true Believers?

How do you turn Skeptical Buyers into true Believers?

Always be honest and direct: Know what you want to ask and how to ask it, then you have already taken the first big step in getting the business.   

Stay away from buzzwords: There are buzzwords or industry jargon entering and leaving the scene all the time.   I once had a Manager that was obsessed with keeping up with the current hottest phrase.     I tried to explain that if you couldn’t tell what the product was after you removed the Jargon, then all your customer heard is Blah, Blah, Blah…

Provide data that has value: Come prepared to speak about the subject matter that provides a solution to a problem that you have not yet anticipated, or better yet that the prospective customer has not yet anticipated.   Which brings us to the next point.

Anticipate the pain.  We’ve heard people say all the time “if I could look into my crystal ball” or “astro-project myself that answer for you”.  There is a certain amount of forward thinking you must do to be prepared to encounter with every skeptic.     You have to be prepared with right open ended questions that lead your customer to certain conclusions.  You must be able to do this with the highest of integrity and ethical behavior.     You don’t want to say phrases that derogate or disparage the reputation of your competition.  Instead, ask questions that allow you to emphasize your product or services strength.

 Remember the 4P’s Passionate Persistent Pressure Pays.   If you continue to touch the customer, provide good data, and present solutions the value added proposition will be realized and you will get the business.