What We do

Granny NEL

How the Granny NEL team helps you

Program Development

We develop the program that maximizes your companies objectives in revenue and sustainability.

RFQ Management

  • The Granny NEL Team develops the RFQ based on your company’s requirements and program details
  • We Qualify the participants
  • NEL folks provide all the support needed, from plant walkthroughs to vendor safety participation
  • Execute the RFQ

Manage the Transition if Needed

If we have determined the best path forward for your company’s goals is to change vendor or vendors, NEL manages that process.

Manage the Transactions

Making sure that there is full transparency and accountability in all transaction details. Providing a complete audit of each and every transaction.   We want our customers to be confident they are getting credit for every pound.

Provide the DATA

Our detailed data report will impress.  Since what we do is too numerous to list here, ask us for some sample data and what we do!

Monitor the Program

We are here continiously monitoring the program.   Along with the data, adjust the program to maximize the ROI.

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